Greenfleet's supporters


We would like to acknowledge and thank the thousands of households, businesses and organisations who have committed to make a difference for the environment by offsetting their emissions. Over 370 organisations are currently taking practical climate action by contributing to Greenfleet through offsetting, direct donations, workplace giving, promotional offers or pro-bono services. 

Find below a list of our supporters, sorted according to their level of support:

  • Eucalypt supporters are the organisations who annually offset over 1,600 tonnes of CO2-e.
  • Wattle supporters are the organisations who annually offset between 700 and 1,600 tonnes of CO2-e.
  • Banksia supporters are the organisations who annually offset between 300 and 700 tonnes of CO2-e.
  • Grevillea supporters are the organisation who annually offset up to 300 tonnes of CO2-e. Whilst we could not list them all on our website, we still want to say a big THANK-YOU for their amazing support.

Organisation Name:

Bayside City Council

Supporter Level:


Supporting Greenfleet since:


Total offsets over time:

6,332 tonnes CO2-e.


Bayside City Council recognises the significance of climate change and the opportunities for urban communities to reduce their operational greenhouse gas emissions. An effective response to the impacts of climate change requires both mitigation and adaptation initiatives. For many years Council has been actively addressing climate change, initially focussing its efforts on greenhouse gas emissions in line with its Greenhouse Action Plan, first completed in 2004. Council has a goal of achieving carbon neutrality for its operations by 2020. Council's Climate Change Strategy includes adaptation actions to identify and address climate change risks and build resilience of Council's assets and operations, as well as the resilience of the Bayside community as a whole. Recognising the contribution of Council's fleet to its operational greenhouse gas emissions, Council has developed a Green Travel Plan. which includes a program to improve the fuel efficiency of Council fleet by decreasing vehicle size, using and purchasing more fuel efficient vehicles. While the fuel efficiency of the Council fleet is continually improving, Greenfleet is seen as a means of neutralising the remaining greenhouse gas emissions. Council recognises the additional benefits that tree planting brings to the environment and local communities.

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