Greenfleet's supporters


We would like to acknowledge and thank the thousands of households, businesses and organisations who have committed to make a difference for the environment by offsetting their emissions. Over 370 organisations are currently taking practical climate action by contributing to Greenfleet through offsetting, direct donations, workplace giving, promotional offers or pro-bono services. 

Find below a list of our supporters, sorted according to their level of support:

  • Eucalypt supporters are the organisations who annually offset over 1,600 tonnes of CO2-e.
  • Wattle supporters are the organisations who annually offset between 700 and 1,600 tonnes of CO2-e.
  • Banksia supporters are the organisations who annually offset between 300 and 700 tonnes of CO2-e.
  • Grevillea supporters are the organisation who annually offset up to 300 tonnes of CO2-e. Whilst we could not list them all on our website, we still want to say a big THANK-YOU for their amazing support.

Organisation Name:

Montgomery Homes Pty Ltd

Supporter Level:


Supporting Greenfleet since:


Total offsets over time:

9,569 tonnes CO2-e.


For just $200, Greenfleet plants 50 native trees for each homeowner – with Montgomery Homes and its customers planting a whopping 13,287 trees since committing to the scheme in 2008. Dean Allison, Montgomery Homes’ Sales and Marketing Manager, was the innovator behind the partnership. “I’ve always had ‘plant 100,000 trees’ on my personal bucket list, and I convinced the boss that this was a positive action to take for the environment,” he says. A family-owned business that builds homes for people in Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and along the Central Coast, Montgomery has an enduring commitment to sustainability. An HIA Greensmart Professional, the company designs and constructs homes that are energy, water and resource efficient. “We think carefully about the materials we select, we recycle everything we can, and we design homes with sustainability in mind. Home owners benefit with lower energy and water bills, a warmer house in winter and a cooler house in summer – and a healthier home to live in all year round,” Dean says.

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