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Industry leaders come together for the greening of Australian cities

Industry leaders come together for the greening of Australian cities

Greenfleet is proud to be part of the Living Cities Alliance - a group of industry leaders from key organisations in urban planning, infrastructure, utilities and greening sectors - brought together to develop key policy recommendations to inform the greening of Australian cities and the Australian Government's upcoming Cities Policy position paper, expected to be released in coming months.

“Greenfleet welcomes the initiative led by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects in bringing together over fifty organisations in Canberra last week to discuss the central role of greening our cities”, said Wayne Wescott, Greenfleet CEO.

The event saw key Members of Parliament, Hon Fletcher MP, Hon Albanese MP and Mr Bandt MP address attendees highlighting the commitment to industry consultation, with Fletcher firmly articulating his contribution to the city agenda, “I will be working with Minister Greg Hunt… the Prime Minister, and other Ministers to articulate and implement the Government's cities agenda.“

The Hon Greg Hunt MP commended the commencement of the Government consultative process begun at the workshop, “Liveable, green and vibrant cities are absolutely critical to Australia’s prosperity. Establishing a shared long term vision for each of our cities will rely on strong collaboration across all levels of government, informed by the knowledge and experience of industry and experts.”

“I welcome the creation of the Living Cities Alliance and look forward to considering their ideas alongside the input of stakeholders from across the sector,” he added.

Wayne Wescott commented, “There is clearly an opportunity to put greening our cities – from more urban parks, green roofs and walls and integrated approaches across public and private land – on the agenda for the upcoming Federal election, as well as identify specific roles and actions that we can all take.”

“As an example, Greenfleet is leading an innovative multi-stakeholder project in the west of Melbourne to revegetate ten hectares at Upper Stony Creek – a fabulous story for the residents, excellent business case for future leveraging of such urban projects, and important demonstration of action on the ground”, Wayne said. He added that Greenfleet looks forward to a greater role in urban greenery over the coming years.



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> Click here to download the Living Cities Media Release.


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